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Best Online Banks in Pakistan

If you want to know how online banking will change in Pakistan, this article is for you. So, once we’ve talked about the benefits Pakistanis can get from online banks, we’ll show you how to use all of the digital banking options in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, TAG is the first online bank to open. TAG is now giving users early access to their digital banking services, which include tools for managing money, transferring funds, and paying bills. Therefore, a Roshan Digital Account can be opened digitally for Pakistanis who don’t live there.


Best online Banks in Pakistan – The Digital Future of Banking

The Future of Banking in Pakistan in the Digital Age.
That is to say, in the year 2020, there will be 220.9 million people living in Pakistan. But did you know that, as late as 2018, only about 50,5 million bank accounts were open in Pakistan? But as online banking grows in Pakistan, this is slowly beginning to change.

Digital banks are becoming more popular around the world, which is a change from traditional banks. Digital banking and its benefits are now being used in many places, including Pakistan. However, digital banking, on the other hand, is not the same as online banking. Firstly, these two kinds of banking are different in an important way.

Most of the time, you need to have an account at a traditional bank to use online banking. Importantly, with this kind of account, you’d have to go to the bank in person to open it and turn on the online banking features. In other words, these features are often limited, which means that customers have to go to their bank in person to do some transactions.

There are a lot of traditional banks in Pakistan that also have online services. These include the National Bank of Pakistan, the Meezan Bank, the Habib Bank, and the Standard Charter. You may be wondering how these banks are different from online banks. Let us explain!

Customers can use digital banks to handle their money online, from the comfort of their own homes or from anywhere else. Of course, this is like the features of online banking. One of the most important differences is how to open a digital bank account.

There’s no need to go to a bank branch to open digital online bank account. Users can start using their new banking features once they have signed up for and verified their digital bank accounts.

In Pakistan, the first digital bank opened in 2021. In a country where only about 30% of adults have bank accounts, digital banking could be the change that changes the way banking works in that country. After all, this type of account has many benefits for people who live in Pakistan.

Above all, the best online banks in Pakistan can have a positive influence on the banking sector. 

The Advantages of best online Banks in Pakistan

People all over the world are changing the way they handle their money because of digital banking. As these digital banks become more common in Pakistan, it’s important for people there to know what they can do for them. In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits of these digital bank accounts in more detail!

#1: You can open an online bank account right now

Digital banking has set a new standard for how easy it is to use a bank. It is more convenient than even the online banking services that traditional banks offer. Never before has it been so easy to open a new bank account. Setting up a digital bank account doesn’t need paper, therefore you can set up from anywhere. To sum up, how to sign up for a digital bank account will be different in each country.

But these things can only be done on a computer or through the digital bank’s mobile application. Registration usually only takes a few minutes, and after a day, users have full access to their digital accounts. Users of one of the best online banks in Pakistan can even get digital bank cards, which are usually free of charge.

#2: Everything you need from a bank is in one place

All digital banks are linked to a website or app that is just for them. When users download these, they can use this online platform or app to access their digital bank account and its features. When you have a digital account, everything you need is in one place.

Most digital banks have features like transferring money, paying bills, seeing your transaction history, and more. So,  each digital bank account will have a different set of these features. When picking the best online bank in Pakistan, for your needs, it’s important to think about the different features.

#3: It’s Accessible to More People

As was already said, only about 30% of adults in Pakistan have a bank account. But this number should go up because of digital banking. This is because digital banks are easier for people to use, no matter where they live. In the end, all you need is a mobile device and access to the internet.

Because online banking is easy to use and has a wide reach, people in rural areas don’t have to travel far to open a bank account. Instead, they can just make an account online from wherever they are. To clarify, as digital banking is added to Pakistan’s banking system, it will be easier for the people of Pakistan to use banks. Pick from one of the best online banks in Pakistan. 

#4: Digital banks let people take charge of their money

Because these banks are digital, you can do most of your banking on your own. This means that you have a better handle on your money. With these digital bank accounts, people can take charge of their finances, thanks to technology.

Digital banks are becoming clearer about their fees. With traditional banks, like transaction costs, there are often a lot of hidden fees. As a result, fees are made clear when you sign up for a digital bank account. Some digital banks will offer different account types to meet the needs of each customer.

#5: There Are Discount and Rewards Programs

Another great thing about online banks is that they offer rewards and discounts. Most of the time, these banks work with certain sellers and stores. Then, people with digital bank accounts, who use their digital or physical bank cards linked to their digital accounts, will be eligible for certain discounts.

A lot of online banks also have reward programs that let people get points as they do their banking and spend money. Over time, you can use these points to get rewards. Even though these programs vary from digital bank to digital bank, it’s still a great perk!

#6: Online banks are very safe

Security is always an important thing to think about when it comes to banking. Even digital banks still put a lot of thought into security, which is good news. Most of the time, digital bank accounts, that are linked to mobile apps, will have different security options.
Two-factor authentication can be turned on in many of these banking apps. You can add an extra layer of security to your bank account by doing this. Biometric features, like fingerprint readers or Face ID on your mobile device, can be used as part of this authentication. Likewise, you can choose one of the best online banks in Pakistan, with the best security measures in place.

TAG Bank - logo


Pakistan’s First Digital Bank

TAG is the first of its kind in Pakistan, and it wants to change how people bank there. This banking app is made to be clear, and it will really put you in charge of your money. On TAG’s official website, it only takes a few minutes, and is all done online.

In most digital banks, there is a minimum balance that must be kept. But TAG users don’t have to keep a certain amount in their accounts. Since there are no monthly fees, anyone in Pakistan can use the service for free. Let’s look at what you can do with this digital bank once you have an account.

After you sign up with TAG, you can use the TAG Visa Debit Card. With this, users can pay for things whenever they need to, in a safe way. For example, prospective TAG users will be happy to learn that this card can be used at stores and online shops all over the world. Also, you can use this card at any ATM in Pakistan!

Users who have signed up for TAG will be given a personal IBAN account number. This will let people get money digitally from people all over the world. Also, TAG users will be able to send money to any bank or virtual wallet in Pakistan, using the transfer features. Therefore, when two TAG users send money to each other, the transfer is instant and free.

When you need to pay your utility bill, you can do it right from TAG’s strong digital platform. Account holders will also be able to top up their mobile balance and pay their internet device bills as needed. With the TAG app, people in Pakistan will be able to do all of their banking on their phones or tablets, no matter where they are.

Another important thing to think about with digital banks is security. Prospective customers will be glad to hear that TAG is regulated by The State Bank of Pakistan because it is an Electronic Money Institution. TAG uses features like 128-bit AES encryption, access control, and push notifications about transactions, to make sure that users are as safe as possible.

TAG is letting people sign up for early access to this digital bank right now. Users can sign up for this on their main website. That is to say, users will be able to get the TAG app from Google Play and the Apple App Store once registration is open to everyone.

Roshan Digital Accounts For Non-Resident Pakistanis

Moreover, even though TAG is Pakistan’s first digital bank, there are other ways to open a digital account. These online accounts are called Roshan Digital Accounts, and they are for Pakistanis who don’t live there. The State Bank of Pakistan started this program so that non-resident Pakistanis could use digital tools to open bank accounts and get started.

Non-residents are, of course, Pakistanis who live somewhere else. According to Pakistan’s tax laws, a person isn’t considered a resident if they haven’t been in Pakistan for at least 183 days in a row. Similary, Pakistanis who live abroad will be able to open and manage their bank accounts digitally thanks to the Roshan Digital Account project.

Even though these accounts are set up digitally, and users will be able to use banking features, they are still joining traditional banks. Unlike TAG, which was Pakistan’s first digital bank, Roshan Digital Accounts are digital account options for people who don’t live in Pakistan. They are offered by well-known banks in Pakistan.

Meezan Bank - logo

Meezan Bank Roshan Digital Account

Meezan Bank is the first, and largest, Islamic bank in Pakistan. Meezan Bank now has a Roshan Digital Account option for Pakistanis who don’t live there. Non-resident Pakistanis, will be able to open a bank account digitally, from anywhere in the world, by going to their official website. Therefore, account holders will be able to use their accounts again in 48 hours.

Users-to-be will be able to choose between opening a digital checking or savings account. This can be done in PKR or in foreign currencies like dollars, euros, and pounds. Users can also link their digital account to a debit card or checkbook. Meezan’s digital account has everything anyone needs to pay bills and move money around in Pakistan.

United Bank Limited - logo

United Bank Limited Roshan Digital Account

Pakistan’s United Bank Limited has another Roshan Digital Account for Pakistanis who don’t live there. When opening this account, users can choose between a current account and a savings account, as well as an Islamic or a conventional account. There are also different ways to pay for an account.

Verifying an account will take up to 48 hours, as a whole. After signing up for an account, users will be able to transfer money, pay bills, buy stocks, and even invest in equity. Pakistanis who don’t live in Pakistan, can get great digital account options from UBL.

Habib Bank Limited - logo

Habib Bank Limited Roshan Digital Account

Pakistan’s Habib Bank Limited (HBL) has been around since 1940. As technology has changed, HBL has always added new features for its users. HBL is still a traditional bank, but its digital services for account holders have grown. This includes the Roshan Digital Account, which Pakistanis living abroad, can open from afar.

Users of this account will have access to a debit card and checkbook, that are linked to their digital HBL account. They also have accounts in PKR, and a number of other foreign currencies. So, with this digital account from HBL, account holders will be able to manage their money, buy stocks, invest in real estate, and do other things.

Standard Chartered Pakistan - logo

Standard Chartered Pakistan Roshan Digital Account

Non-resident Pakistanis can now open a Roshan Digital Account with Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan, even if they live abroad. This digital account doesn’t need an initial deposit, and it also doesn’t need to have a minimum average balance. There are a lot of different currency options for both current accounts and savings accounts.

Users-to-be will also be able to choose between an Islamic bank account and a regular bank account. All people who have a digital account with Standard Chartered, have access to a linked checkbook. Account holders will also be able to use debit cards and credit cards with these accounts. This is a great digital banking option for non-resident Pakistanis. This is because users always have access to their money through online and mobile banking.


In short, no matter what your financial needs are, you can probably find the best online bank in Pakistan, an account that fits all your needs. TAG is the first digital bank that is open to the public in Pakistan. There are many types of Roshan Digital Accounts that can be opened remotely by people who don’t live in Pakistan.

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